Quality Policy at A&S

  • Zertifikat

  • In order to strengthen our confidence in the reliability of A&S Engineering GmbH, we always strive for a high level of customer and service quality. Our employees are committed to our effective quality guidelines. Each employee is responsible for the quality of his work and makes an active contribution to the ongoing optimization of our services.

    The goal of A&S Engineering GmbH is to surpass our customer’s expectations and to be one step ahead at all times.

    On 24 September 2014, the quality and management system of A&S Engineering GmbH underwent an audit by an independent third party, Head of TÜV Hessen, renewing our certification until September 2017th.

    This is a milestone in the successful implementation of our quality policy. We have set clear guidelines within the introduction of our quality and management system and implement them successfully in our day-to-day tasks. The aim of our system is to optimize the quality of our services constantly and thus meet the high demands of our customers even better and more effectively.