As virtual as a simulation appears, it’s also fundamental for its successful engineering. By joining all phases of a project, the simulation aspect contributes a great deal to development. It examines ideas, covers errors and always welcomes ideas from other teams.

The complex 1:1 Simulation and Building Models are only effective when communication is effective. Through constant exchange of information we are able to achieve better results in lesser time all the while producing a finished product to our customer’s satisfaction.


  • Robot Simulation


  • Our range of services:

    – Simulation of Robots and Processes with Programs such as Process Simulate and RobCAD
    – Creating Simulation Models
    – Coordinating Welding Tongs
    – Reachability Tests of PVC glue
    – Simulation Sequence of Paint Application


  • Process / Availability Simulation


  • Our range of services:

    – Analyzation of Current State
    – Calculation of Availability
    – Designing Simulation Model with Plant Simulation
    – Bottleneck Analysis using simulation experiments
    – Development of Optimized Proposals
    – Transmission of Simulation Results to Reality


  • Workplace design / Ergonomic simulation


  • Our range of services:

    – Job relocation, concept study (planning phase)
    – Workplace design, cell structure (design phase)
    – Undergraduate: Equipment and devices
    – Basic study: logistics and container
    – Implementing ergonomics analysis and load process
    – Documentation and acceptance
    – Simulation of critical situations
    – Simulation of all job content