Digital Planning

The digital design is accompanied by a process of all project phases

Know-how and creativity give rise to plans, until the computer comes into play. Sun provide modern software tools, comprehensive and complex results (off), this will be a long experience in the automotive industry, Mr. and use them to our advantage. Here, the digital planning is always to be understood as a whole.
Even if it is considered as the first step, it does not end until the final closure of the project.
Varied software licenses and the right environment make us why your ideal partner. Through our extensive knowledge, we are familiar with the pitfalls in all phases. The result is: efficiency

  • Layout

    • 2D/3D Layout
    • Microstation
    • AutoCAD
    • Basementplans
  • Schedule
    MTM – Analysis

    • Gantt Diagrams
    • Utilization surveys
    • Pathcharts
  • Technical

    • media computation
    • Robot concept extraction
    • security layout
    • pneumatic diagrams
    • CE documentation
    • assembly Instructions
    • hazard analyzes
    • risk assessments
    • FMEA
  • Quantity

    • Quantity Structure