Digital Factory

The Digital Factory is not only a software tool but the interaction of methods, processes and tools. A&S Engineering uses the Digital Factory for virtual verification and to increase engineering quality.

While using the digital factory, it allows us to recognize early risks and errors, thus avoiding follow-up costs in subsequent processes. New software tools also allow us to develop a greater number of engineering options as well as to validate an approach to an optimal solution.

A&S Engineering is a participant in the project “Digital Factory laboratory” owned by Siemens Tecnomatix. This participation allows us to use the tools such as Process Designer, Process Simulation, Plant Simulation, Virtual Commissioning as well as many more.

In addition to the processing of engineering scopes, we offer interested customers a chance to participate in our experience.

A&S Engineering organizes and hosts workshops on topics such as:

  • Digital Manufacturing Planning with Process Designer
  • Production simulation with Process Simulation