Studies Plus

Motivated graduates have the possibility to complete their dual studies either in their bachelors or master’s degree within the mechanical or industrial engineering field.

The target of Studies Plus is to teach students theoretical knowledge by means of a higher education and to give students an opportunity to put theory into operational practice. Since our students are already involved in the practical phases of company-specific projects, they can immediately take over key tasks after graduation. This allows a smooth transition into a professional career path.

Our students complete their 3-year theoretical studies at the Technical University of Central Hesse.

Studies Plus is a solid, successful and cost-effective tool for young student development and assurance to A&S Engineering.


The main feature of dual study courses is the close interaction between theory and practice. The companies assume the practical, while THM the theoretical training. In order for such dual study programs to work, a strong commitment from both the company’s side as well as the universities side is necessary. We offer dual degrees in both the Bachelor’s and Master’s Section.

During the study period, students receive a monthly allowance. This allows students to finance their studies themselves as well as stand on their own 2 feet. The monthly Study Plus contributions are covered by the company.